I’ve think I’ve narrowed down to six songs for an EP.
They’ve been on repeat for about week in what I think will be the track order. Just giving the demos a thorough listening to––attempting to hear everything and checking for fluidity; That everything flows together and plays with a proper rise and fall while showcasing all the sounds I want to be right now.
It’s a lot; a lot of detail, but it’s pretty important to me and I think makes for a better listening experience. I’ve always wanted what I present to be perceived as part of a larger artwork and especially so with an album, of any length. Each song lending itself to the overall sonic value of the piece.

LP is an EP.

I think. 
Packaging and branding and labeling (in a very positive sense) are important to me. 
Still trying to decide. My dreams are bigger than my reach. And I’m just trying to grasp that. I can’t do now what I want without looking towards the future at least a little. It’s a bit of a weight, but I think it’s all for the best.
I hope.
But I’ve been tossing it back and forth for ages and I think this is the correct route for where/what I am right now.
I’m extremely ambitious in my thinking, and I think that’s good, but this is better. 
3-5 that best capture where I am right now.

P.S. All prize packages are still going out. Sorry about the delay. Again, overly ambitious. 


I’ve some things to give away!

T-shirts, posters, and a few other fun things I’d like to do.
So for every 100, or 50 or 25 (or whatever I’m feeling) new likes and followers I’ll pick at random someone to send a thing or two.

I’ll also take notice of who’s sharing the most and really working to help me out, and definitely send things their way as well.

So, yes, the rules are pretty loose. And I don’t really know what I’m doing.

Everyone has been really, amazingly supportive up to this point and I’d just like to return the favour and show my thanks and if I can find a few more fans that would just really rock my world.

Likes can be given here on Facebook.


Surprise! I found a box of shirts I had printed this last summer but never got around to posting or talking about. They’re pretty high quality too. I looked around to see what other bands were printing on and these were pretty popular with both NIN and AVA and that’s really all the convincing I needed. 

So, I threw ‘em up and they are now available for the purchasing.
They’re pretty limited and I highly doubt I’ll ever print this exact design again, so if you want to get in on the SKS fan train early so you can say, “I knew him/them when…” then you can check out the shirts here.

Obviously, if you live within close proximity don’t worry about actually ordering from there, just hit me up and we can probably make it an easy $15.
Feel free to click around and check out the poster I designed also.

Planning on having some other cool stuff up for grabs at some point soon(ish), but hard to say exactly, while also neck deep into writing and recording.

Anyway, thanks!
As always, tell your friends, tell your family.
Sharing is always the biggest help and means the world.

Should have something new to listen too soon!


Hold me accountable.

I don’t often like to talk about things before they occur because I don’t like to backpedal should something fall through. Subconsciously, perhaps, because I don’t want to face failure or even associate myself with it. 
I’m not sure whether it has been good or bad, but I’m ready to try something new, and I want to be held accountable. 
Here’s what happening: SKS is writing and releasing an album. It’s hard to exactly say when, but it is happening.
Right now I have about 15 or so songs in various levels of completion (60%-90%) with plans to soon (read: immediately) work with others to grow this family and produce a heavy list of material to choose from to best present this vision. 
And most excitably for me is that vision, and that it is clearer now than ever. As always, there is room for creativity and growth, but I now know how I would like to see that art presented in form for all of you.


Oceans and Mountains will be the first full length offering from SKS and I couldn’t be more pleased with how things are moving as well as how they are looking to grow.

There is a lot planned for all of this and more news, announcements and fun things are on the horizon (likely at a much quicker pace than as of late).

Thank you all for sticking around, it truly means the world. I hope that you can get as excited as I am (and we are) about what’s to come.